Video games for D&E

Jeremy and I have set aside June 9th as a day that we will start to get organized about homeschooling.  High on the list is managing Dashiell’s persistent ask for iphone video games. We would like to develop some thoughts and guides as to what kinds of games he and Esme can be using at this age.  But we also want some guidelines as to when and how much. Once some guides are established, Abby will be able to do game play with Dashiell and Esme too. Hooray!

Here is one set of recommendations I found recently that I thought was pretty good.  I am going to download some of these for testing: 10 Apps my 3 year old loves. Dashiell is already pretty skilled with the Sid the Science Kid App. He loves it.

Here are some other recommendations and writings on the subject:
Five great websites for preschoolers
There are some great looking downloadable articles here (that i have only skimmed):— such as”Modern Parents Guide to Kids and Video Games” and “Why Video Games are good for you.”


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