Academy of Natural science!

Monday’s are hard. Everything seems to be closed. So we often have trouble planning fun outings.
Today we decided to take the train to town and check out the Acadrmy of Natural Science. It was great. The third floor, hands- on toddler room was by far the best. There was a bee hive, cockroaches, turtles and all kinds of bones, shells and rocks that we could touch.
The kids were not so into the diaramas, but the dinosaur section was pretty cool. And the butterflies were pretty amazing too! (this makes me think a butterfly shoebox diarama might be a fun project? And why don’t we hatch some butterflies next year!)
After the museum we had lunch at whole foods and headed back to the train. Esme fell asleep in the stroller!! Unusual for her, so I guess it was a good trip.