Long overdue improvements


You’ll notice most of the improvements to the kitchen. With winter coming, we knew we’d need to move the Reading + Writing Workshops– since most of the gear was being store on the radiator in the dining room.  So we went to IKEA this morning with that in mind…. Then we got distracted with beautiful things and reminded of projects we’d been putting off.

First is…. We’d like the kids to be eating out of glass or ceramic instead of plastic when possible, but particularly for hot foods.  So oatmeal and soups should always be served in those.  For that, we got a big stack of 8 glass bowls that are just the right size.  We’d also love the kids to move away from using plastic spoons and forks, so we purchased a set of 6 small spoons. They are teaspoons, but work great for Esme.  And then, I couldn’t resist these cute little placemats– A little bit of cheer on the table through the cold months.
Not pictured– but the best part… We bought a big stack of new wash clothes for wiping the kids up after they eat.  The old ones were so gross and I just couldn’t get them clean! We got them in bright green and bright blue.  Fun and useful!

New glass bowls, new metal spoons and new placemats!

The focus of our trip was to move and improve the R+W Workshop.  With it now in the kitchen, we had to reorient the table, but it looks nice.  I just hope it will function well. It has lots of new bells and whistles and a few more amenities to come!

The NEW R+W workshop!
Getting a new shoe-rack / bench has been a nightmare.  Surely, this is not the perfect set up, but it is a vast improvement over what we have been living with for so long. Now the trick will be for me to not pile it full of junk! The kids really like it– thought Esme needs her stool to get up and down.
Not so much an improvements– but we had chocolate milk today with banana before bedtime.  It was a big hit– and a great way to get Esme to drink some milk!

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  1. Oh I so like this and can't wait to see everything! How neat. I like the glass bowl and cups idea. Read about the BPA scare in plastics, and the link to hormonal problems just before checking in on the blog. – On board with the glass vs. plastic.
    Mmmm, chocolate milk…:)

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