Playing Hookie

We were supposed to go to play-school on Monday, but we decided to play hookie and go the the Academy of Natural Science. We took the train downtown and made our way to the museum.  We didn’t stay too long (a perk of having a membership is you can go anytime.) We decided to go see Papa at work for lunch.  Dashiell is amazing.  He walked from 19th and the Parkway all the way to Broad and Walnut.  There were a few complaints of tired feet on the way– but over all, he was a trooper.

We had a great time at Papa’s office “working.” Dashiell got to help a colleague work the copy machine, which was great fun.

We took the train home and didn’t get to bed till after 3pm (oops!) I only snapped 2 shots the whole day but they are pretty good.


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