Winter Solstice Celebration

December 21st was the shortest day of the year! We celebrated to welcome the slow return of the light over the coming months.  We turned off all of the lights in the house at about 4:30pm and lit a few candles so we could observe the darkness coming to meet us.  We made a big pot of soup and enjoyed it by candles light. After dinner, we lit the fire outside and set up all of the lanterns that we made.  Jeremy set up a cozy area to sit around the fire and we roasted marshmallows into the night.  At one point Dashiell said, “This is the best night ever!’ So I’d say it was a success;)

This was our set up before it got dark.
Dashiell would get his stick hot in the fire then “draw” with it up in the air!
These lanterns are made of ice! You just freeze a balloon for of water.
The chickens were ready to party too.
Esme tried her hand at roasting a marshmallow.
Papa roasting the first marshmallow of the night.
This is the lantern that Dashiell made.
More marshmallows.
Ice lanterns after they melted a bit.
Our fire!
More ice lanterns
Dashiell roasting.
Enjoying the darkness and the cold with our lights and warm fire.

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