A great New Years Day

If this day sets the tone for the year, then it will be a good one. We got dressed in our nice clothes and went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Just by chance we found the family room where they were starting a tour for kids! It was a treasure hunt looking at different works of art. So fun! Dashiell especially loves to spend time looking at pictures. He said that his “best” was the Japanese tea house. Esme was most interested in the pottery.

After the tour we headed to the cafe for snacks and a fruit drink. Then we went back to the family room for arts and crafts. They had a whole project prepared where you could create your own game. There was a buffet of stickers, sparkles, shapes, glue and playing pieces. The kids really enjoyed gluing, coloring and making their games work. Then the kids tried out the chess and checker boards. My favorite part of this was that I didn’t have to clean up the project table!

Finally, we went to see the rotating exhibition. It was focused in Duchamp, Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and a few other notable conceptual artists. Dashiell did a great job inspecting and describing the work– just noticing what was in each picture or piece. He was most engaged with Rauschenberg.

Happy New Year!

Funny face with nanetag
Working on designing our games!

Esme adding some more color to her game.
Papa and Dashiell making their game.
In the great stair hall
Washing up after a snack
Chess and Checkers!
Dashiell in his best.
Esme in her “polka dots from santa”

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