Dashiell’s 1st Photo Walk

I found an old digital camera this week while cleaning out some drawers around the house. After a battery charge and frantic search for an extra memory card, the camera was operational, and Dashiell was immediately interested in playing around with it. During our evening walk that day (“the loop” as we call it) he was super excited to collect images, and began focusing on car logos, insignias, hood ornaments and the like. What is usually a 20 minute walk ended up taking almost twice as long.

I’ve noticed a noticed a couple of interesting things about Dashiell’s relationship to the camera:

  1. He has immediately become attached to it and understands the need to care for the tool. I decided to give the camera to him in that he was told that it’s his possession to use and take care (as opposed to a family object that any and all can freely use).
  2. Not surprisingly, the camera has allowed us to observe him observing what interests him in the world. As a framing device, it emphasizes the perception and capture of specific details in his world. The serial nature of this act of collecting was surprising to me in how focused he became on obsessively collecting one very specific type of image (car insignias). I’m curious to see if this thematic approach to picture taking continues.

So, the slideshow features Dashiell’s very first photo walk. More to come, I’m sure!

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