A list of interests

One of the suggestions I love from Project-based Homeschooling is to keep a bulletin board nearby where you can post images, text, drawings and other ephemera that relate to your child’s interests– a way to keep them on that deep dive into a subject. As we gear up for the fall and prepare to rearrange the kitchen for project work, we are already thinking about how we can do this. But until the space is prepared I thought I’d jot down a few things that the kids are into so I might start collecting images and ideas to spur their imaginations.

D – Rube Goldberg  chain reactions. Building them and watching videos. Especially this one.
D – Cheetahs (after our trip to the Cape May Zoo)  We’ve been learning out how fast they can run.
D – Cars and car logos – He’s been doing photo-walks to collect the emblems he likes best.
D – Birds of prey – Snowy Owl and American Eagle (We watched together and I answered a barrage of questions throughout.)
D – Video games – He had the chance to play a snowmobile game at the arcade on vacation. Now his drawing have a course-like quality, with jumps and obstacles.
D – Skateboards and riding bike.

E – Monkeys – After her trip with Tia to the Philadelphia zoo and our trip to the Cape May Zoo, she has been pretty interested in monkeys.
E – Babies and social pretend play. She can spend hours with her dolls– acting as mom, but also working through all sorts of social situations with her “guys.”
E – Dressing herself. She changes constantly during the day. The PBH book recommends to loose fabric for kids to create their own costumes. It may be time for this.
E – Looking at pictures and videos of us. I need to refresh the digital picture frame.