Weekly Round up: Goodbye September

Fall is good! We’ve been so grateful for the beautiful weather that Fall has been delivering. This means that we can spend lots and lots of time outside exploring the world.  We started the week with making applesauce with the apples we picked last weekend at an organic orchard in Media. That same afternoon, we were exploring the front yard. We found our weary bush beans had some dried up pods still hanging. We cracked them open and started seed saving for next year. We’re doing the same with our sunflowers. We ended the evening with bike riding in our pajamas!

Tuesday was a spectacular day at MAHC.  Following our group work there was lots of free-play outside. I sat quietly near the memory garden and watched the children self organize– which is a joyful and fascinating experience. Some of the teens were singing and playing guitar with a sizable mixed age audience.  Another group had a “nerf” bow and arrow. They were taking turns shooting the arrow as others would chase. A final group of under 5’s had discovered a parachute and were dragging each other and lifting each other with lots of smiles and laughter. It reads as a pretty mundane experience, but I felt such privilege to sit on the sidelines and observe.

Wednesday is Playschool– our growing, informal preschool coop. This month is promising to be really lovely, full of field trips and the great outdoors. This week we went to Valley Green on the beautiful Wissahickon Creek. We wore our creek shoes and the kids spent the morning feeding the ducks, wading, looking for walking sticks and throwing stones. Again, watching the kids with some distance was lovely. I gauge the success of the event on how mud-covered everyone was in the end.

Thursday is Talking Stick for D and Swap for E. D is pretty tight-lipped about his days at Talking Stick, but he received a very warm welcome! We walked in and a small group in the couch reading looked up and said “Hi D!” E and I stayed for a few minutes, but D didn’t need our support. He just dove in. On our way out E found a worm and we stopped to check him out before we took her over to her friend’s house for the day.

The end of the week was all about picnics. We had a picnic dinner at Rittenhouse Square and then another picnic dinner at Grumblethorpe at their amazing Octoberfest! It was packed, full of familiar friends and so much fun!