Birthday practice

In preparation for the onslaught of 3 birthday in the next 3 weeks, we decided to do a test run on some gluten free cupcakes. Both kids are really interested in cooking and baking. Sometimes I fret too much about how much time it will take to include them in the kitchen. On an average day, getting dinner made is just a race to the finish line. But this day I really took my time with it and I learned so much! I learned that if I slow down it is really fun for all of us. I also learned that baking is just full of so many practical lessons! (Yes, I know that is obvious, but practicing it is totally different than making that assumption.) Measuring was a talk about fractions. Setting the timer and the oven was a lesson in sequence, time and numbers in general. Recipes themselves offer lessons in measuring but also in improvisation. Both kids just loved baking and decorating their cupcakes. Surely the best part was testing them out.

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