Day 2 of “Hack your clothes” – What you’ll need

We got off to a great start this week. For next week, you’ll need to come prepared with a few things.

  1. If you want to work independently, come prepared with your fabric and idea (drawn out, pictures printed, or a garment from home that you love and you want to copy.)
  2. If you want to work with the group, we’ll be focused on t-shirt projects. So we need lots more t-shirts! Go through your drawers or head out to the thrift shop!
  3. MORE FABRIC AND OLD CLOTHES. We need to stockpile our materials. You can go to the thrift store, ask your family for unwanted items or head over to Gaffney’s on Germantown Ave and Coulter Street. The prices there are great.

INSPIRATION! Here are a bunch of t-shirt projects to get you inspired! Take a look and start thinking about what you want to do. If you still aren’t sure, I can guide you through a simple t-shirt project. So bring a shirt from home that you like the fit of and we’ll use it as a template.

I spoke with one of your classmates about making stockings– which could be fun. If you are interested, gathering some old sweaters would be a great idea. Here is some ideas:

Other fun things that used to be sweaters: