Stop Motion with Hotwheels

D and I made our first stop motion with a trial version of Smoovie. We were inspired after discovering LEGO stop motion videos like this one. The program worked great and was easy for him to understand. The only problem was that with the trial version you can’t export so I had to make a video of the screen with my phone to be able to share. I am still researching other ways to do stop motion– a program simple enough for a preschooler to get the idea.

Our first subject, of course, is a hot wheels monster truck jam.


One thought on “Stop Motion with Hotwheels

  1. Meridith there is a great tutorial on stop-motion on wikihow – you can download free moviemaker and go to town. We make them all of the time. White boards are really fun but the lego videos are the ones the kids really love to do.

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