The last month of the year. 2013

December has been a challenge. The grown ups in the house are still tied to the academic calendar– so December is busy, and then busy again but in a different way. It’s fun, but after weeks of get togethers and special events, we all get a little tired of its shapelessness and lack of rhythm.

This December was marked by some pain and suffering felt by one of our dearest. We made trips to the hospital to bring toddler cheer. We also made soup. After weeks of uncertainty, our dear Mimi made her way home. But this holiday will forever be marked by her fall– and the joy of her being at home for Christmas.

I’ve added a slide show of various holiday moments, none more important than the rest. All said, it was a great holiday. I’ve also posted some audio of D & E speculating about the demeanor and methods of Santa on the car ride home on Christmas eve. Following this conversation E promptly passed her treasured nukkie (pacifier) to the front of the car and announced she would leave it for Santa to deliver to other babies who need them. She hasn’t asked for it since.

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