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Selling books to save $ for a toy

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D is really into Ninjago. He wanted the Golden Ninja Toy. But when we shopped online, it was just so expensive. We found our way to a local online resale site and found a nice, young boy who was selling off his collection. I called, confirmed the price and made a date to pick up the Golden Ninja toy.

D was already pondering how to pay for it. He started to ask how much various tasks about the house would get him: to feed the cats, to vacuum, to help with dinner. We weren’t ready to talk about allowance, so we started asking him if there was anything he could sell.

He has been talking about having a pop-up-shop since the summer. This winter doesn’t lend itself to outdoor shopping, so we talked about selling things online– a challenging and abstract thing to share with a 5 year old. I ended up drawing an infographic to show the communication between the banks, the online shop and the ATM where he would get his cash.

He decided to sell handmade books– something he already makes daily. We stapled together a few blank books and he got to work. The following day, he decided on his prices and I posted them on a <<popular social media>> website. They flew off the shelves. I think he made his target $10 in about 3 hours. He had orders for more, but really had no interest in making more money. It was pretty interesting.