Our Atelier

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As part of the PBH Master Class, we’ve been reconsidering our project workspace. One thing we had right was that our space with in the kitchen– the heart of the home. It was/is well used, but it suffers from being perpetually messy with an over abundance on tools (pencils, markers, crayons, etc.)

We had swapped out our table for a kids sized work table a few months ago. But we like to eat breakfast in the kitchen (you can enjoy the morning light and watch the birds at the feeder.) But the small table we had been eating breakfast at was still taking up space that I thought would be useful in project-making.

So we committed to a few ideas and knocked them out this weekend: paint the whole room, removing the eating table and remove excess materials. What a difference! The space is more functional. The kids are using the “recycling” material on their own– making drum kits and building project. You can sit at any side of the table– moving 360 degrees around a project.

The white walls are refreshing. Though I am very excited to get stuff up on the walls, I am just not sure how much space I want to devote to hanging our project work and how much space for more permanent fixtures. So we’ll see. I know I want a lot of color though.

I’ve started to add some other ideas to Pinterest.