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Selling books to save $ for a toy

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D is really into Ninjago. He wanted the Golden Ninja Toy. But when we shopped online, it was just so expensive. We found our way to a local online resale site and found a nice, young boy who was selling off his collection. I called, confirmed the price and made a date to pick up the Golden Ninja toy.

D was already pondering how to pay for it. He started to ask how much various tasks about the house would get him: to feed the cats, to vacuum, to help with dinner. We weren’t ready to talk about allowance, so we started asking him if there was anything he could sell.

He has been talking about having a pop-up-shop since the summer. This winter doesn’t lend itself to outdoor shopping, so we talked about selling things online– a challenging and abstract thing to share with a 5 year old. I ended up drawing an infographic to show the communication between the banks, the online shop and the ATM where he would get his cash.

He decided to sell handmade books– something he already makes daily. We stapled together a few blank books and he got to work. The following day, he decided on his prices and I posted them on a <<popular social media>> website. They flew off the shelves. I think he made his target $10 in about 3 hours. He had orders for more, but really had no interest in making more money. It was pretty interesting.


The last month of the year. 2013

December has been a challenge. The grown ups in the house are still tied to the academic calendar– so December is busy, and then busy again but in a different way. It’s fun, but after weeks of get togethers and special events, we all get a little tired of its shapelessness and lack of rhythm.

This December was marked by some pain and suffering felt by one of our dearest. We made trips to the hospital to bring toddler cheer. We also made soup. After weeks of uncertainty, our dear Mimi made her way home. But this holiday will forever be marked by her fall– and the joy of her being at home for Christmas.

I’ve added a slide show of various holiday moments, none more important than the rest. All said, it was a great holiday. I’ve also posted some audio of D & E speculating about the demeanor and methods of Santa on the car ride home on Christmas eve. Following this conversation E promptly passed her treasured nukkie (pacifier) to the front of the car and announced she would leave it for Santa to deliver to other babies who need them. She hasn’t asked for it since.

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Day 2 of “Hack your clothes” – What you’ll need

We got off to a great start this week. For next week, you’ll need to come prepared with a few things.

  1. If you want to work independently, come prepared with your fabric and idea (drawn out, pictures printed, or a garment from home that you love and you want to copy.)
  2. If you want to work with the group, we’ll be focused on t-shirt projects. So we need lots more t-shirts! Go through your drawers or head out to the thrift shop!
  3. MORE FABRIC AND OLD CLOTHES. We need to stockpile our materials. You can go to the thrift store, ask your family for unwanted items or head over to Gaffney’s on Germantown Ave and Coulter Street. The prices there are great.

INSPIRATION! Here are a bunch of t-shirt projects to get you inspired! Take a look and start thinking about what you want to do. If you still aren’t sure, I can guide you through a simple t-shirt project. So bring a shirt from home that you like the fit of and we’ll use it as a template.

I spoke with one of your classmates about making stockings– which could be fun. If you are interested, gathering some old sweaters would be a great idea. Here is some ideas:

Other fun things that used to be sweaters:

“Hack your clothes” – Pin cushions

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Our first project for new sewers will be to create a tool we’ll need for the rest of class: a pin cushion. Each student has the option of making a free standing or wristlet pin cushion.  This project is fast, easy and useful.  We will each have the chance to machine sew, hand sew and apply a button. These are some of the basic skills will need to get started hacking our clothes!

Birthday practice

In preparation for the onslaught of 3 birthday in the next 3 weeks, we decided to do a test run on some gluten free cupcakes. Both kids are really interested in cooking and baking. Sometimes I fret too much about how much time it will take to include them in the kitchen. On an average day, getting dinner made is just a race to the finish line. But this day I really took my time with it and I learned so much! I learned that if I slow down it is really fun for all of us. I also learned that baking is just full of so many practical lessons! (Yes, I know that is obvious, but practicing it is totally different than making that assumption.) Measuring was a talk about fractions. Setting the timer and the oven was a lesson in sequence, time and numbers in general. Recipes themselves offer lessons in measuring but also in improvisation. Both kids just loved baking and decorating their cupcakes. Surely the best part was testing them out.

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